Friday, 6 January 2012

The naked Mantlepeice...

Now that the Christmas decorations are put away my poor dear mantle looks quite bare, not a good look.
The festive red and gold poinsettia runner and my beloved angel chimes amongst other precious things from Christmases past brought such cheer to my heart along with the roaring fire . It now looks so sad , this situation cannot be aloud to continue! Lol Something must be Made to remedy these post Yuletide blues!
I'm thinking crochet bunting or a lovely line of prayer mandala, the prerequisite Is simple.... loads of colours think rainbows and chakras! But first, I really must finish this bag, it was put away for Christmas and is nearly complete...


  1. Lovely visiting with you, I'm liking the look of your Kool Kotton bag!
    And yup, every mantel needs year round crochet goodness you know ;o)

  2. Thank you for visiting Lucy! I'm honoured as I totally love your blog! I'm quite new to this blogging lark! But it is great to have a record of makes and family life so I'm excited to Crack on with it. I love the Kool kotton , hoping to finish my bag today! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx